Sai Pallavi reacts on naga shourya comment on her in kanam movie

Sai Pallavi is one of the most sought after heroines in the Telugu film industry today. Sai Pallavi has been introduced to the Telugu screen with the film Fida directed by Shekhar Kammula. With the first movie, she became the favorite heroine of the youth. Staying away from glamor shows, she has created a special image of herself by appearing in Telugu girls..just choosing the preferred characters. Sai Pallavi has received praise not only from the audience but also from movie analysts. Recently Nani starrer Shyam Singarai came to the forefront of the audience with the film. Sai Pallavi’s performance as Devadasi captivated everyone. However, there are always many criticisms and trolls on Sai Pallavi.

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Sai Pallavi reacts on naga shourya comment on her in kanam movie

Talk has it in the past that the shooting set shows smoky .. Attitude .. Talking rashly with the heroes. It was during this sequence that Sai Pallavi reacted to the clash with the young hero Nagashourya. The two made a movie together called Kanam. While making the film, Nagashourya made some harsh remarks on Sai Pallavi. Almost three years after the remarks, Sai Pallavi opened his mouth.

Sai Pallavi says .. ”It would be sad to know that someone is suffering. Hero Nagashourya has made some comments on me in the past. I was very sad to hear that. Immediately call the kanam director .. cinematographer Did you get in trouble because of me? I asked. I was felt some good when they said no. . The acting is good. Everyone says they like me. Shaurya said what he did not like in me. I took it as a positive .. I feel as if he is in trouble with me .. I think he will be satisfied with my answer, ”said Sai Pallavi.

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