Sai Pallavi: craze… Rowdy Baby is growing day by day ..

sai pallavi

Sai Pallavi: Sai Pallavi says that Malla is the only one who is happy with us. Pallavi situation is as if the compliments are my own, whether the stage is owned or not. From Telugu Industry Megastar Chiru to ‌ National ‌ Crush Rashmika .. Everyone’s note is the same word .. Tell me who does not know about rowdy baby Saipallavai? Saipallavai has established herself as one of the top heroines with her perfect Telangana slang and perfect character selection. Recently ladies you attended the Johars event as a guest. Pallavi, who was present at the event surroundings jigsaw puzzles with a gold color dress, received more positive vibes.

Rashmika Mandanna on stage said to Saipallavai, “Is she so cute?” Director Sukumar, however, went one step further and asked, “Are you a female Pawan Kalyan?” The sound was raised in the auditorium at once. It is not new for Saipallavai to receive compliments on stage like this. Chiranjeevi, who had previously been a guest on a love story function, also jokingly conveyed the fact that he had to step in with the refrain. The scene that once happened in the case of Anushka is now being repeated in the case of Saipallavai! Currently, Virataparvam starring Sai Pallavi is ready for release. Fida Bhama will be seen as a village girl in this movie. This short is yet to announce what his next film will be except this one.

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