RRR: RRR fever just started ….. in America ..


RRR: Ramcharan, NTRs as Heroes (Ramcharan, NTR), Rajamouli (Rajamouli) directed film RRR. Not only the Telugu film industry but the entire Indian film industry, literally people from other countries are also waiting for this film with a thousand eyes. Being a film directed by Rajamouli after the Bahubali-like sensation, there are nowhere speculations on RRR. Undeterred by the expectations of the fans, Jakkanna shot the film brilliantly. The songs that have been released so far, the trailer‌ say no to this. In fact the film has already been scheduled to release but has been delayed due to Corona. But finally this movie is coming to the front of the audience. The film is all set to release worldwide on March 25.

Most importantly, the RRR commotion overseas had just begun. Advance bookings have already begun in theaters across the United States. With this, the spectators are going and buying tickets. Recently, an NTR‌ fan in America bought 75 tickets in one go and surprised everyone. Buy a total of 75 tickets at the Galaxy Theater in Dallas. A photo of all the tickets put together was posted on Twitter. With this, this tweet is going viral right now. It stands as evidence to say what level of expectations there are on the RRR.

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