RRR Movie: RRR noise starting again .. this time in Dubai alone ..!

RRR Movie: Tollywood audiences .. Aamatakoste yavat ‌ Indian cine lovers ‌ ever awaited movie r.r.r.r.r. Director Dheeru Rajamouli, Young Tiger NTR and mega power star Ram Charan are expected to play the lead roles in the film. In fact, the film was supposed to be released but was postponed several times due to Corona. At one point the film’s release was almost confirmed. The film unit also hosted pre-release events. However, with the arrival of the Corona Third Wave, the R.R.R. However with the latest corona drop the film unit is all set to release the film. The film is set to release worldwide on March 25 as part of this.

It seems that the RRR film unit, which has reduced its promotions due to the postponement of the release date, is all set to resume its campaign once again. Part of this is the information that another grand prerelease event is being planned. However, it is learned that the film unit intends to hold the event in Dubai together this time. In addition, a news team is going viral on social media, inviting Hollywood hero Tom Cruise as the chief guest for the event.

It seems that Jakkanna is planning to promote the film internationally as it is being released in other languages. Is there any truth in this news? Or the propaganda going on on social media.? We will have to wait for the official announcement to know. We will have to wait for another month to know what kind of wonders Rajamouli will create with R.R.R., who has taken Indian cinema to the next level with Mari Bahubali.

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