RRR Movie: Jakkanna Reveals Special Surprise From RRR …..

Jakkanna Reveals Special Surprise From RRR
Jakkanna Reveals Special Surprise From RRR

Pan India Most Awaited Movie RRR. Mega power star Ram Charan. (Ram Charan). Starring Rajamouli in the lead role of Young Tiger NTR (NTR), the film is expected to do well. Audiences across the country are eagerly awaiting for this movie. While the release of the film is already scheduled .. The makers have postponed the film due to the increase in corona cases. Mega Nandamuri fans were disappointed with this.

Meanwhile, the makers have announced that the film will be released on March 25. However, despite the release date approaching, Jakkanna and team have yet to launch any promotions. With this, RRR is once again expressing doubts over the release of the film. Rajamouli has recently revealed another special surprise in this series.

In fact I wanted to give this special surprise at the end of the movie. But Rajamouli tweeted that the excitement could not be stopped and was now being revealed. What do you think of that special surprise? Same RRR Celebration Anthem. “We’re going to release the Triple R Surprise Anthem on March 14th. In fact, with this celebration anthem,

we wanted surprise the audience. But we can’t stop the excitement, “Rajamouli tweeted. The flagship Triple R Celebration Anthem will be released on March 14th. The film will be released in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

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