RRR Movie: Good news for ‘RRR’ fans .. Jakkanna is planning to release another new trailer ..

RRR Movie: Even though the release dates have changed, the makers are moving forward with double enthusiasm. Utilizing the brakes found accidentally as too intelligent. They design second time promotions in a range and drive their film towards success. And .. what is Jakkanna’s strategy. How is the second phase of the triple going to be? . From filmmaking to promotion, it’s clear that there is a style to being a director. Rajamouli’s morale on his film will not diminish unless he misses the Sankranthi season. Otherwise there is no big time for ‘promotion’. rrr movie is coming in the last weekend of March.

Promoting the Indian Biggest Multistarrer in just a couple of weeks is not just about words. The mutual friendship song with the two heroes, the individual promotional songs, the Janani theme song as a bonus and the powerful trailer as the finale all came out in the first face. That is why Jakkanna has started working on extra promotional stuff that will give a new feel to the fans.

. The rrrr team is creating a new mini trailer by re-introducing the special elements in the movie. Another song pictured on Cherry and Alia is also hidden. There is a chance that this powerful stuff will come out at the pre-release event a week before the release date. Once the Radheshyam enters the rest zone, the Jakkanna team will be in the limelight.

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