RRR Movie: AP Sarkar Good News for RRR Movie .. G.O allowing Ticket rate hike

RRR Movie: Cine lovers across the country are eagerly waiting for the RRR movie directed by Rajamouli. Two Big Stars .. Big Budget .. Different Story .. Jakkanna added many interesting things in this movie. Mega fans .. Nandamuri fans .. had high expectations for this movie. With regard to the upcoming Pan India Movie Triple R coming out on the 25th of this month, it has been clarified about the increase in ticket rates.

The film crew has given another update to the government regarding the production of this film. Apart from GST, the producers have stated that the cost of the film is Rs 336 crore. It is Rs 478 crore including the remuneration of the heroines. Half of the profits (director, producer) will be taken. He was the producer who gave an advance to the director 12 years ago.

The AP government has released the G.O, allowing the RRR movie to increase its ticket price by Rs 75. The government has given the option to increase the price for ten days. According to a recent G.O, the highest ticket price in multiplexes in Andhra Pradesh is currently Rs 250.

The ticket price can be increased up to Rs 325 by adding Rs 75 now. Apart from the hero, heroines and director remuneration for the film, the movie team has recently told the government that it has spent Rs 336 crore.

The minister said the authorities were considering the proposals and the file would go to CM Jagan soon. He told the audience that the government’s decision would not bother the producers. The movie has recently been censored. The RRR movie will be 3 hours 6 minutes 54 seconds long.


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