RRR: I will drink even if you give poison .. NTR shocking comment with Ram Charan!

After many days in the Indian film industry a big budget movie is coming forward to the audience. With mega Nandamuri heroes acting together like never before, the expectations of the fans on this movie are not normal.

Moreover, director Rajamouli’s release of this film is creating good positive vibrations in other languages ​​as well. More and more people are increasingly focusing on giving interviews heroes on a regular basis. In a recent chit chat interview NTR spoke to Ram Charan, much to everyone’s surprise. Going into those details ..

Coming into a film market means that Rajamouli’s plan is very different. He also has a certain clarity on promotions when he starts filming. In the case of Bahubali film, every single plan made by Rajamouli was very useful in the promotion. Rajamouli thinks that interviews should also be different. There has been a good response to the interview with the two Rajamouli heroes.

In each interview, Rajamouli said many things about the film, but in the interview, the friendship of the heroes was highlighted. Clarity once again understood that Ram Charan Jr. and NTR are also very friendly. Charan however came forward saying that I would put coffee.

It is good that both the heroes look tired of doing promotions. And Rajamouli also understood that the two heroes were not left to be tortured even in promotions. Junior NTR explained very openly that he was angry with Rajamouli several times during the shooting. He says he’s not even showing the least sympathy, no matter how tired he is, especially in the action scenes


They also talked about how they do promotions for each other as well as what dresses to wear at the pre-release event. Then Junior NTR got tired and sat like that on the sofa so Junior NTR went to the kitchen saying I will bring something for both of you to drink.

When Charan asks you what you drink, then Junior NTR unexpectedly says that I will drink even if you give poison. Charan Rajamouli and I both laughed at that. After watching this video, fans are commenting positively that the friendship of junior NTR Ram Charan is also similar to that of regular friends.

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