RRR Do you now how much it costs to shoot one day? .. Jr.N.T.R, Ramcharan angry on jakkana

Director Rajamouli’s ambitious RRR movie is all set to release on March 25 worldwide. The film, co-starring junior NTR Ram Charan Tej for the first time, is based on the characters of Real Freedom Fighters. From the beginning, the director says that he has taken the real character and screened the film with a complete fiction story.

The director also talks openly about the budget for the film in interviews. No matter how much the Rajamouli heroes have suffered recently, they have not been given any break in time of need. Rajamouli also mentioned the reason and how much it would cost to shoot one day.

After the movie Bahubali, Rajamouli made a movie with mega Nandamuri heroes in a way that no one expected.predicting that the film will make history at the box office and could easily gross Rs 100 crore in its first day. The film is being released at a high level not only in India but also in various countries.

Rajamouli says in every interview that while Ram Charan Tej is seen in the role of Alluri Sitaramaraj, Jr. NTR is going to impress in the role of Komurambhim. However, at one point, junior NTR Ram Charan and Rajamouli did not give any rest even though they both thought of taking a shooting break due to various health reasons.

Jr.N.T.R, Ramcharan angry on jakkana

Recently Rajamouli Ram Charan Jr. gave an exclusive comedy interview with the 3 together. That video, which sounds like off-screen fun talking normal, is currently going viral on social media. The video also said many things that were almost unknown to the audience.

Rajamouli, however, asked the two heroes if he had ever been so angry with himself. Earlier, Charan had said that he once had a severe headache and if he wanted to be given a break, Rajamouli would not have been given a break at all.


And Junior NTR also seems to be very tired while doing a rope scene. However, Junior NTR has often wondered whether Rajamouli would give a break or show any sympathy for the difficulty. But Rajamouli was so happy that I was so happy when he asked me if I would leave an hour earlier when I had inadvertently embarrassed myself so much that nothing happened so often NTR joked.

However, Rajamouli also gave an explanation in his own style when he mentioned the sufferings of the heroes. Now if I show sympathy, the entire shooting schedule will have to be canceled. We spent almost Rs 50 lakh a day for the RRR movie. Each shot costs around five lakhs. If I show sympathy then that money will be wasted and something in me will increase the tension. That is why the break was not given .. said Rajamouli.

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