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Movie: RRR; Cast: NTR, Ramcharan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samudrakhani, Alison Doody, Rastiven Sun, Shriya etc; Music: MM Keeravani; Cinematography: KK Senthilkumar; Editing: Srikar Prasad; Story: KV Vijayendra Prasad; Conversations: Sai Madhav Burra; Producer: DVV Danayya; Screenplay, Directed by: SS Rajamouli; Banner: DVV Entertainment; Released: 25-03-2022

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The star hero movie is coming apart from the noise that appears at the box office. If the same two top heroes acted together, the film would be ‘RRR’ if it was directed by a career-unsuccessful director. Periodical action drama ‘Raudram Ranam Rudhiram-RRR’ (RRR) directed by SS Rajamouli

The starring NTR and Ram charan. Ramcharan as Alluri Sitaramaraj and NTR as Komuram Bhim have further increased the interest in the film.

The film, which started with huge expectations, overcame many obstacles like Corona and finally came to the forefront of the audience. How did NTR and Ram Charan appear in the roles of fighters? How did the British fight them? How did director Rajamouli portray the two star heroes? What are the roles of Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn, Shriya etc. in this story?

Story: This is a story set in the 1920s. Ram Charan (Ram charan) was a police officer in the Visakhapatnam during the British rule. His ambition is to gain the admiration and promotion of his superiors. That goal must be achieved in order to fulfill the promise given by his sister-in-law Sita (Aliabhat).

On the other hand, when the British Governor Scott Dora (Ray Stevenson) and his family visited the Adilabad area, they took with them a child named Malli to Delhi. The family who confronted that it was unfair would be tortured.

Bhim (NTR) (NTR) travels to Delhi to fetch the Gond tribe’s shepherd. Did Bhim cross the impregnable British fort? What happened between Ramaraju and Bhim, who was serving as a police officer there? What has the two got to do with the Indian independence struggle? (RRR Movie Review) You have to watch the movie to know the rest.

Here’s how: Rajamouli is a master at cultivating emotions in storytelling. His film is full of emotions as well as visual grandeur that brings fullness to the screen. Influenced by those two things, he once again called himself the ‘Master Captain’. He was accompanied by good actors like NTR and Ram Charan. Their performance takes the film one step further.

Designed as an action drama, the emotional scenes in the film are heart-wrenching throughout. (RRR Review) Songs, fights … Rajamouli used every occasion as if he was unworthy of cultivating such emotions. The director started the film by introducing the two forces of fire and water.

Familiar scenes that tend to be down to those forces. The manner in which Ramcharan was introduced to the heavy, extremely friendly lathi-charge action scene, in which his performance was applauded by the audience. After that, NTR enters the story with acrobatics with the tiger.

From there, the two characters become the property of the audience. An incident that unites the two, the scenes that take place in the background of their friendship will impress the fans. (RRR Review) From there the ‘romance’ in the story begins.

Bheem’s innocence and the way Ramcharan helps him is impressive. Emotions are cultivated in such a way as to touch the hearts, even in the song of Natu Natu. But as soon as the friendship between the two sprouts, the war also begins.

The scenes between Ramaraju and Bhim show how horrible it can be if two forces collide with each other. Those scenes that come before the break are the highlight of the movie. (RRR Review) Ramcharan, NTR … both competed. The way Bheem in particular enters the field for that fight feels amazing.

The second half begins with a flashback. The scenes set against the backdrop of Ajay Devgn and Shriya Tadita seem to be a bit stretched out there. But, Ajay Devgn and Shriya’s roles are small but they have a strong impact on the film. (RRR Review) Punishment scenes for Bhim set the movie on another level. Komuram Bhimudo … is a song that comes in the background of NTR and the emotions that arise in that sequence are impressive.

It is a story that explores the friendship between the two and their struggles, linked to the rescue of a tribal girl. (RRR Review) Sita’s character causes a turning point in the story. The way the two protagonists come together before the climactic scenes is entertaining. One is Alluri Sitaramarajah, the other looks like Komaram Bheem and the way he fights against the fortified British fort is impressive.

The flashback episode, which begins at the beginning of the second half, ends with the child’s rescue scenes. Everything after that was a fight. More than a story, it was a highlight for the film, where the director ran it tirelessly with emotion. (RRR Review) Characters like water and fire have been introduced but … it has nothing to do with the concept or the cinema. From the acting point of view, both of them look like firecrackers

How they did it: The two real powers that the director Rajamouli found for ‘R.R.R.’ were NTR and Ramcharan. They turned out to be like two sharp weapons that came in search of the ‘RRR’ war he had started. The friendship between them is a sight to behold on screen.

The way they performed in the roles, the performance in the fight scenes was great. I can’t take my eyes off the way the two of them danced together in the song ‘Natu Natu’. Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn are key to the film. Shriya shined in a small role. Bheem means Olivia Morris, a young British woman in love. Samudrakhani, Rahul Ramakrishna and others performed brilliantly according to the range of the characters.

Technically .. the movie is superior. MM Keeravani’s background music and songs are the mainstay of the film. (RRR Review) Senthil’s camera work is impressive. Each scene is shown in a very grand look. Rajamouli Kanna’s dream was wonderfully unveiled on screen. Srinivas Mohan’s visual effects brought more naturalness to it. Production designer Sabu Shiril blindfolded the British era

. The sets are very grand. The costumes chosen by Rama Rajamouli for the roles made the characters look more natural on screen. The choreography of the salmon fight scenes is great. The dance styles in the song are entertaining. Did Sita appear? Burra Saimadhav’s words can be seen in many places with the RRR Review of ‘No, eyes open’. Writer Vijayendra Prasad’s knitting of the story is impressive, with the characters of Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitaramaraj. Director Rajamouli has once again showcased his perfectionism … adding everything the audience wants where they want it. In terms of structure, the hinges are visible at every step.


  1. NTR, starring Ramcharan
  2. Emotions in the story … fight scenes
  3. Rajamouli Mark Visual Grandness
  4. Keeravani music, Senthil cinematography, other technical team performance Weaknesses
  5. Scenes that seem a bit stretched elsewhere in the second half Finally: ‘RRR’ ..: Rajamouli Astra on the box office scandal (RRR Review)
  6. Note: This review is related to the reviewer’s perspective. This is a personal opinion of the reviewer only!

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