Rebel star Prabhas launches Aha original ‘Anya’s tutorial’ teaser

Pan-India hero Rebel star Prabhas on Friday evening launched their horror web series ‘Anya’s Tutorial’ teaser. Bahubali Producers Arca Media prodcuing this webseries .Starring Regina Cassandra and Nivedita Satish, Aha this web series will be launched in Telugu and Tamil languages ​​very soon.

Speaking on the teaser launch, Prabhas said, “The teaser of Anya’s tutorial is very interesting. I am happy to launch this teaser. All the best to team of others. “

The whole world is now stepping into the digital direction. But what if the same digital sector scares everyone? Same with Anya’s tutorial. Anya (Nivedita Satish) tries to become a social influencer. Regina Cassandra (Madhu) does not like her sister’s foreign profession. But one day the whole thing will change. The whole cyber world is terrified that no one will see. Why the original? To know that Aha and Arca Media have to watch their ‘Anya’s tutorial’. Aha they are going to release this web series in Telugu and Tamil for the fans.

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