Rashmika: Rashmika was the first to respond to the news of her marriage to Vijay…

Rashmika: Rashmika Mandana .. Now this name is changing all over the country. Especially after the release of the movie Pushpa, Rashmi’s name became popular all over the country. This little one who greeted the Telugu audience with the movie Chalo has now become the National Crush. Along with Tollywood, film opportunities are booming in Bollywood as well. Meanwhile, Rashmi is making headlines with the rumors circulating around her about her fame with movies. The news that Rashmi and Vijay are getting married recently went viral. News broke that the two were celebrating the New Year in the same place and that the couple would soon be getting married. However, Vijay responded in his own style. Responding to the Twitter platform, Vijay said that all the news coming about their marriage was untrue.

Meanwhile, Rashmi also responded to the latest news. Rashmika’s latest movie Adavallu You Johars. It is learned that the movie starring Sharwanand as the hero is all set to release on March 4. Rashmi has been busy giving various interviews as part of film promotions. In this context, in an interview, Rashmi responded to the news asked by the media about the news coming around.

Rashmi responds to this .. ‘The news also came to my notice. News like this is not new to me. I got into the habit of listening to them and laughing. I do not have time to fall in love and get married, ‘said Rashmika. Is there really any truth in the answer given by Mari Rashmi? Or we may have to wait a few more days to find out what this National Crush is hiding.

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