Rashmika Mandanna:Tollywood Bollywood OK …. Hollywood?

Priyanka Chopra has emerged as the top heroine of Bollywood while watching. After being crowned a beauty queen, making her debut as an actress with the status of Miss World and then facing many ups and downs, she gradually proved to be the top heroine of the Mumbai industry and eventually went to Hollywood, where she married Nick Jonas and went on to become a Hollywood star. .

Looks like Rashmi Line is going as well Sumi! The original Kannada beauty is not going to be able to withstand the aggression. Within four years of hitting the ground running with Chalo, she became the industry’s top heroine, starring opposite all of Tollywood’s top heroes.

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Pan India is now shining as a heroine with a floral image. Satta is currently trying to make a name for herself by starring in a series of films in Bollywood. Looking at his scene, it seems that he is in the quest to commit to Pan India films in a row.

The beauty is currently working on two Hindi films in Bollywood called Mission Majnu- Goodbye. In fact, there are no big offers for South Indian heroines in Bollywood. But Rashmi is getting a series of offers. In a recent interview, Rashmika said, “When we make the right film, the audience feels right about us. I do not know. Then any workout will be done.

She says that South Indian films have brought her wide fame in North India. Nowadays people in the north call themselves by the names of characters like Srivalli (Pushpa) … Geeta (Geeta Govindam). Rashmika says that Bollywood is the only other industry for her. I look forward to offering my best to do effective roles.

Language is not always a barrier because I have always enjoyed doing roles in different languages ​​… Rashmika says she does not want to be tagged as a North actress or a South actress. She wants to be a pan-India actress.

Rashmi is the heroine in the movie Adavallu Meeku Joharlu. The film, starring Sharwa, will be released on March 4. It is known that Rashmi Mandana will also act as the heroine in Pushpa 2. Looks like Sandalwood went from Tollywood to Bollywood. Hollywood is the only one pending. Rashmi is adamant that she will not turn down the Hollywood offer.

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