Rashmika Mandanna: National‌ Crush who told me how to be the one who is going to marry

Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandanna has entered the Telugu film industry at any moment but has been consistently successful. The muse, who started her film career in Telugu as ‘Chalo’, has had a string of hits with ‘Gita Govindam’, ‘Devadas’, ‘Dear Comrade’, ‘Sarileru Nikevvaru’ and ‘Bhishma’. With the movie Pushpa, Pan became an India star. The beauty star, who impresses the audience with her beauty and performance, has been hailed as the ‘National Crush of India’. She is currently busy making movies in Bollywood as well. Movies aside, Rashmika is mostly in the news in terms of her personal life. Rumors are rife that he is dating his dear comrade Vijay Devarakonda. The beauty queen, who is currently in Mumbai for a movie in Ikram, took part in an interview. She shared many interesting things about love, relationship and marriage along with her professional life.

Rashmika Mandanna

In my view love is indescribable in words. It’s just a matter of feelings. In a relationship, you should give each other the appropriate amount of time and respect. Only then will it turn into love. If love is two-sided, then the bond will move forward, ”says Rashmika about love and relationships. Responding to the wedding, he said, “I am very young at the moment. So I do not know how to think about marriage. Thoughts of marriage did not even cross my mind. I will marry anyone who looks after me lovingly and safely, ”said Rashmika Mandanna. Mr. Majnu, who is currently starring in the Telugu film ‘Pushpa’ in Bollywood, is starring in the films Goodbye.

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