Ranu Mondal: Ranu Mandal who imitated Allu Arjun’s hook step in Srivalli song ..is not impressed netizens ..

Ranu Mondal: Allu Arjun‌, Rashmika (Rashmika) as hero, heroines in the movie ‘Pushpa’ directed by Sukumar has been released. Allu Arjun hooks up to songs provided by Devi Sri Prasad from celebrities to commonman all over the country and abroad. Ranu Mondal, who created a sensation on the internet as a one-day star singer by lip-syncing and sharing videos of Bollywood celebrities and cricketers dancing to pushpa songs and iconic dialogues, has recently made an appearance on social media by dancing to Srivalli. This video was shared on YouTube on February 4th. However, the video clip on YouTube, which has gone crazy viral on social media, has gained over 7 lakh views. However, Ranu Mondal .. The steps taken for the Srivalli song did not work .. With this, Ranu Mandal’s attempt did not receive the praise of netizens. Properly owned by critics.

ranu mondaldances to srivalli song

In this video Allu Arjun holding a stick in Ranu Mandal’s hand .. tried to imitate the hook step in Srivalli song. However, even a one-year-old child impresses netizens with this hook step super .. Ranu Mandal hook steps are not right .. Many criticized her for this. What a dance .. not good .. what are you joking about? Some, however, praised Ranu Mandal’s efforts.

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