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Rana Daggubati: When there is a gap while acting in movies, there are a lot of stars doing side business. Daggubati Rana, however .. has passed away in this side business. There was nothing on the field that he did not touch. Above all, Rana has a well-rounded side business. That side business will do more in the future as well. What is the side business that Rana is doing? Rana openly admitted that he did not understand how to become a hero if he is a good actor. Starting with the debut movie Leader, none of the solo movies have been able to sustain Rana Graf.

There is no such thing as an effort not to put Rana as the protagonist in a twelve year span. Message oriented movies like Aranya are also in Rana filmography. Tried as a Loverboy with my favorite movies. Go to Extremes and do experiments like Ghazi Attack. But .. the movies made while standing on the side with another hero gave life to Rana. Varma was able to screen share with Sanjay Dutt in a department movie and make a comeback in the North. The Daggubati hero later appeared as The Best with the training given by Jakkanna as the god of the bhallas who collided with Bahubali. Rana has forcibly re-established his versatility by playing Chandrababu Getup in Enteyar Mahanayakudu and co-starring with Balayya. Beamlanayak as the latest also passed with distinction marks as the self-confident arrogant Daniel Shekhar. Along with Powerstar, he also developed a fan base. Characters who stand on one side rather than solo are a super plus for Rana. While everyone is busy trying to become a Pan India hero, Rana is said to be well on his way to maintaining the credit of being a Pan India Actor.

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