rana daggubati intresting comments on bheemla nayak movie and pawan kalyan


Power star Pawan Kalyan .. Rana Daggubati co-starred in the latest film Bhimla Nayak (Bheemla Nayak) .. Directed by Sagar K Chandra, the film became a blockbuster hit. Trivikram Dialogues Mark .. Screenplay is another highlight of the movie. Produced by Suryadevara Nagavanshi under the banner of Sithara Entertainments, the film reached the Rs 100 crore club worldwide within days of its release. This week too the record is bursting with collections. Impressed with the role of Daniel Shekhar in the film, Rana on Wednesday spoke to the media about the reaction coming to his role in the film.

Rana Daggubati said .. I was in a different shooting in Mumbai on the day of Bhimlanayak’s release. When the shoot was complete, we watched the movie with the Telugu audience there. There is already a rush on social media that the movie is a super hit. There have already been many messages of appreciation and congratulations from friends and the film industry. Seemed very happy.

It seemed new and exciting to see a big star like Kalyangari come and try a movie of this genre. Trivikram is a very exciting person. What is spoken is a very valuable word. A person with knowledge has a good grasp on language and culture. Normally I learn a lot with every movie. I have learned a lot from Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan with this movie. Very happy to work with Trivikram. For Kerala stories, the style and culture of the people there is different compared to ours. The passion of the audience there is also different. Changes have been made to make such a Nativity story easily accessible to our audience. Robert Downey’s role in the movie ‘Iron Man’ is my all time favorite. In it he does things he does not like but we like them. That character seemed similar to Danny’s character. The film accidentally asked Danny if he would ever do the role himself if he ever did.

My Exposition is a movie that connects well with him. Every character wants to be different. Want to do new stories, with different artists. Such a person is Pawan Kalyan. I have no big acquaintance with him. Meetings are also low. He was very connected to me when I thought of this movie. A very honest person. There is talk that I will pick different stories. Many become actors with a variety of reasons. I want to impress the audience with the different roles I have become an actor. Even though I know a lot of skills in acting to stay that way. What is an actual hero? Is what I learned with this movie. I wonder why there are songs and fights in the middle of the movie. I get out of the story with the song. Why not sync them. If everyone is saying do mass movie why do you think. After watching Pawan Kalyan, we knew how much they are needed for the film. Ayyappanum Koshyum is a cult film. It would be up to the acting hero to make changes like this.

This is my zone movie .. Born in a cinematic environment I want to be new to whatever I do. My philosophy is not to be like everyone else. I go to the theater to see something new on screen. Newly seen in the theater I want to do something newer than that. Going the same way so far. After hearing this story my zone‌ seemed like a movie. However after making the film it seemed to go further. I am always selective..I also do adventures. However, after doing ‘Bhimlanayak’, it became clear what heroism means.

Trivikram’s backbone is that it would be very difficult to remake a movie behind it. I am also aware of it. Because our little Venkatesh did a lot of remakes. Listen to Baba’s how the negotiations for change are. In the case of this film, Trivikram worked very hard and did it in a way that made us like the story without spoiling the original flavor. In that sense, Trivikram is the backbone of the film. Some scenes were written to make you forget the original. Sagar‌ screened to reduce it.

No Domination‌ If two heroes appear on the screen .. one is icy .. the other is drunk .. the bad guy likes it. The same thing happens here. There is nothing dominating in this. I did no big drills for the role of Danny. No matter how Danny is. Pawan Kalyanagaru is the same! Simple as that character is as well as who was on set.

Sagar is a very straight forward person thanks to the hard work of everyone on the team. Seeing him would be jealous. He had the opportunity to work in a combination of a star like Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram at the same time. No one can say how much credit goes to the success of this film. Sagar did what he had to do as a director, words, and Trivikram as a screenplay writer. We achieved this success thanks to the hard work of everyone on the team. The release of this movie was late but .. everything went well from the beginning. It is known what kind of buzz the movie got from the release of the songs.

Will make that effort. Dad was very satisfied to see the role of Danny that I did. It is very rare for him to say so. After ‘Baahubali’ again this movie is said to be very great. I used to tell my dad that one day he would make a movie with a talkie and hit it without songs and fights. Would make such an effort. I no longer do out and out commercials. There is a discussion going on about it on social media. I just knew I had to do pictures like that. ‘Stories are told in other industries. The Telugu industry, on the other hand, says that filmmaking is a matter of time, according to a distributor of ‘Vakilsab’ release. Only then did I have an understanding of all these things.

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