‘Rama Rao on duty’ in OTT .. Ravi Teja team final decision‌!

Most movies with Corona Effect are postponed. OTT venues, on the other hand, were closer to the audience as theaters closed. Gradually the demand for OTT platforms is increasing. The makers have already released some medium range movies on OTT platforms and achieved success. ‘Rama Rao on Duty’ starring Ravi Teja as the hero is about to go on this path. It seems that the Ravi Teja team has finally reached the final decision due to some hurdles in the release of the film.

The movie ‘Rama Rao on Duty’, which has already completed shooting, is scheduled to release on March 25. But with the same date the RRR was locked the makers backed down. If it is planned to release on April 15 after that .. even then big movies are getting in the way. Vijay Beast movies along with KGIF2 will be released on April 14. With this, the makers of Fixayarata want to release this ‘Rama Rao on Duty’ movie on OTT without any further delay.

Small, media-budget films are coming to a standstill as big movies that are not looking to be released are gradually coming into theaters. In this context, many OTT companies are making huge offers for films in demand. The makers are thinking of giving a good offer to Sony Live for the movie ‘Rama Rao on Duty’. The lack of proper dates till June also seems to be another reason why people are stepping towards OTT.

Directed by newcomer Sarath Mandava, the film is being produced by Sudhakar Chekuri under the LLP banner. Divyanka Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan will play the lead roles in the film while Venu Thottempudi will be seen in a pivotal role.

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