ram gopal varma dance with actress inaya sultana in pub gone viral

ram gopalvarma dance with actress inaya sultana in pub gone virl

No matter what controversial director Ram Gopal Varma does, it will continue to be a sensation. His mannerisms and demeanor are all topics of discussion. Recently, a video of him smoking a cigarette with a heroine went viral. Going into those details ..

Usually Ram Gopal Varma enjoys his life in King Size. He has recently stopped making films with real stars and is making films with actors he likes and actors who do whatever he says. That is why there are rumors that Varma will have an affair with the heroines. However, Verma openly says that if he likes, he can ask them without any hesitation. So the photos and videos that Varma enjoys with his heroines rarely come out.

RGV latest video has now surprised everyone with a video. Verma, who recently shared a video, made everyone sniff. Recently, RGV spilled alcohol with girls in a pub, lit a cigarette and inhaled through his heart. He himself shared the videos and photos related to this on his Instagram.

He also shared a video of himself smoking a cigarette and kissing heroine Inaya Sultana in a pub, which went viral. Verma also shared photos of him smoking cigarettes and taking drugs with Inaya Sultana from his account. Inaya also shared them on her social media.

In the past too, RGV participated in Inaya Sultana’s birthday celebrations and danced with her. The video of her going around and doing crazy antics went viral. Eventually she also fell on her feet and made a fuss at that time .. Inaya Sultana Varma has not appeared in movies till now but it looks like she will appear again.

Verma directed the film ‘Konda’ based on the life story of Konda Murali and Konda Surekha. Adit Arun, who changed his name to Trigunna in the role of Konda Murali, and Irra More in the role of Surekha. Produced by Apple Tree and RGV Productions, the presentation of the classic Patel Movies. The movie trailer has also been released recently. There are huge expectations on this movie.

video https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZPl_Patsc-/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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