Ram Gopal Varma: Ram Gopal Varma comments on Kashmir files

Ram Gopal Varma: RGV has washed away Bollywood in its own style .. Verma comments on Kashmir files
The Kashmir Files: The Kashmir Files is a nationally acclaimed film. While many are praising the film, others are criticizing it. The movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ is creating a sensation. Looming at the box office. The atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits were blindfolded in the film. Directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, the film stars Anupam Kher in a pivotal role. Director Vivek Agnihotri portrays the atrocities committed against Pandits in Kashmir in the 1990s. It is noteworthy that many in the Bollywood community have already responded positively to the film. Meanwhile, sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has recently commented on the film in his own style. RGV says Kashmir files movie has changed Bollywood history. Bollywood’s top 7 production houses are vying for the top spot. But RGV said it is not clear when and how films like Kashmir Files will come and sit in the top chair. Verma writes that the success of The Kashmir Files Killer has shattered the myths in Bollywood. Those myths are ..

Big stars are needed to achieve hits (Kashmir files do not have stars and movie design stars should not be included)
You need mega budgets to achieve hit (Kashmir files very low budget)
If you want a hit you need super hit songs (there is nothing but a single theme in the Kashmir files)
You need spice to hit (you can not laugh even once in Kashmir files)
You need a big production house to make a hit (no one has heard much about the Kashmir files producer)
You need several crores of promotions to make a hit (Radhe Shyam Kashmir file makers spent only 2.5 crores for publicity as compared to 25 crores)
Do not expect the audience to watch movies that do not have logics (taken by Kashmir Files producer Grant that the audience wants to know about serious issues)
The chart buster songs have to be shown (there is no effort in the Kashmir files. There is only a background theme called Hum Dekhenge) so many points were shared by RGV on his Twitter.

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