Ram Charan: Star hero who will appear in a small role in Ram Charan movie ..?

Ram Charan: Star hero who will appear in a small role in Ram Charan movie ..?

Ram Charan: Megapower star Ram Charan has taken a gap of three years together this time as never before. But the guarantee that …fans ‌ waiting will not be wasted is close to cherry. Coming up with good films .. But conditions apply, says Charan. Clarity on what those conditions are also fans. Vinayavidheyarama is a powerful film that portrays the terrific action element in Cherry, even if the result of the film is unpredictable. Almost three years have passed since Megapowerstar was seen as a solo performer. Charan’s Jakkanna Pan India Wonder is not an individual project.

When Komaram Bhima and Alluri Sitharam met, a miracle called tripler was generated. Tarak and Cherry worked as parallel power centers for the film. Acharya, who is going to attack the big screens soon, is also involved in multiple stardom. His son Charan shared the screen almost equally with his father Megastar. And .. Director Shankar is also watering down the hopes of the fans whether Cherry will come single and roar like a lion after Acharya. Kiara Advani as the heroine, SJ Surya and Srikanth as the villains will play another crucial role in this socio-political drama. Just .. Shankar’s plan is to present a top hero in that character who appears for a quarter of an hour.

Shankar Compound says that two biggies have already been approached and an announcement will come soon. If the same is true then Cherry is going to be the one and only hero starring in Back to Back Three Multistarrs. And .. Fans are hoping to see Charan in a movie directed by Gautam Thinnanuri as a solo performer.

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