Rakul Preet Singh: Rakul as a condom tester .. Her parents’ reaction is ..

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh, who entered Tollywood with the movie ‘Keratam’, crashed at jet speed with ‘Venkatadri Express’. Apart from Telugu, number of offers in Tamil and Bollywood. Mostly glamorous, this beauty can do a variety of characters such as ‘Obulamma (Rakul character on the kondapolam)). Her latest film in the background is Chhatriwali. Rakul will be seen in a different and bold role as a condom tester. Punjabi Beauty recently opened up about the character, as well as her parents’ reaction. ‘This is nothing new. Has been in our society since time immemorial. We will show this to the audience in a new attempt. Very easily screened as a family story to please everyone. This is the story of a girl who came from a small town and became a Condom Tester Quality Head. It’s the role of a girl who first gets a job just for a salary and then realizes its importance.

‘Everyone knows how we are born. But we get embarrassed to talk about it. Shame on you. Let’s face it. Youth should be made aware of health. They need to know exactly what to do and what not to do. That said, there are no obscene scenes in this movie. In fact doing such characters can cause a bit of trouble in terms of career. However such opportunities rarely come up. That’s why I wanted to do this character. I also told my parents about the role in this movie. They encouraged me to do it without another thought. This is the only thing I tell my uncles about every movie story I make. I will say ok when I get the green signal from them. “Because our parents are also spectators,” Rakul said. Apart from Chhatriwali, she has acted in Hindi films like Attack, Runway 34, Doctor G, Ayalon, Mission Cinderella.

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