Radhe Shyam Trailer: War between love and fate Radheshyam new trailer date ..

Radhe Shyam Trailer: Good news for Pan India star Prabhas fans. Another big update came from Radhe Shyam Movie Team. Movie unit announces movie trailer release date. Film production company UV Creations has officially announced that the movie trailer will be released from March 2.

In fact it was only once that the movie unit released the trailer. However, with the release of the film being postponed, another trailer will be released on Wednesday.

In this movie, Prabhas Vikramaditya will be seen as a palmist. Pooja Hegde will be seen as the inspiration. Opened as a love story of the 1970s-80s. The film will be a struggle between love and destiny.

Fans are enjoying watching Prabhas and Pooja duo in the already released video songs, glims and teasers. The film unit has already announced that the movie will have unexpected twists despite being a love story.

The film is set to release worldwide on March 11. In fact the film is supposed to be released as a wallpaper gift. However, the film unit postponed the release due to the Corona Third Wave.

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