Radhe Shyam: Here are 6 reasons to enjoy ‘Radhe Shyam’ movie.

Radhe Shyam is an outstanding love story directed by Radhakrishna Kumar and starring Rebel star Prabhas and Pooja Hegde. The film was released worldwide on March 11

Radhe Shyam: Radhe Shyam is an outstanding love story directed by Radhakrishna Kumar with Rebel star Prabhas and Pooja Hegde. Released worldwide on March 11, the film has received an overwhelming response from all over. The audience is getting fed up with this love story. Buttabomba Pooja Hegde opposite Prabhas. There are 6 main reasons to watch this movie.

It has been many days since I saw a good love story in the Telugu industry. This is a Pure Love Story that came many years later. There is no other love story in India that has ever come up with such a huge budget. Radhe Shyam came as a visual feast.


Prabhas Looks & Styling:

Rebel star Prabhas Radhe Shyam, who played a mass action hero till yesterday, has turned into the girls’ dream prince for the movie. His looks and styling are the main attraction of this film.

Chemistry between Lead Pair:

Any love story must be successful which means the chemistry must be good first. It is set to be perfect in the case of Radhe Shyam movie. The chemistry between Prabhas and Pooja Hegde worked out wonderfully. The scenes between the two impress the audience immensely.

Visual Effects & Artwork:

Another major plus point for Radhe Shyam movie is the visual effects. The climax came out dynamite. The producers did not hesitate to spend in terms of visual effects. On the other hand even up to the art department is awesome. Very beautiful sets appeared throughout the movie. Ravinder’s performance in this regard is to be commended by all. Also Manoj Paramahamsa cinematography is another major highlight for the film.

Music by Justin Prabhakaran, Taman Background Score:

Love Story is especially about the music that the audience wants. Justin Prabhakaran has proved one hundred percent the trust placed in him by the producers. Gave wonderful songs. Taman on the other hand is the backbone to the background score film.

Directed by Radhakrishna Kumar:

Radhakrishna Kumar, a director with only one film experience, handled such a huge budget Pan India love story very well. On the one hand, Prabhas is balancing the image. On the other hand, he has done justice to the story he has written. Most importantly some of the scenes were wonderfully screened. He showed that destiny is not in our hands .. it is in our hands.

Not only this, Krishna Raju’s pivotal role is another added attraction to the film. Beautiful story .. Impressive screenplay .. Radhe Shyam is a love story that gives a wonderful theatrical experience with all the catchy music.

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