Radhe Shyam: Have you seen the Radhe Shyam making video? If you look at the way the 1970s were recreated, Fida deserves it.

Radhe Shyam: The entire Indian film industry is waiting for Radheshyam’s movie with a thousand eyes. Directed by Radha Krishna with Prabhas as the hero, the film is highly anticipated. Movie lovers are very curious about this movie which is going to be released on a huge scale all over the world on March 11. In fact, the film was supposed to be released but was delayed due to Corona. However, the latest is finally set to release on March 11. It is in this order that the film unit, which has accelerated in promotions, organizes a series of events. Also released the latest release trailer. This trailer has received rave reviews.

Meanwhile, the film unit has released the Radheshyam movie making video in this order. Watching this video, it seems that Radheshyam has blindfolded the makers for the movie. Released under the title ‘Saga of Radheshyam’, the video shows the makers recreating 1970s Italy. In addition, the European set was filmed in India after the shooting stopped in Europe due to the corona.

This making video has at once raised expectations on the film. There seems to be no doubt that Radheshyam will definitely take the audience to another new world. The use of helicopters for shooting in snowy areas, the huge settings క tells how much was spent on film production. Check out this awesome making video for yourself ..

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