Radhe Shyam: A Amitabh who will help Prabhas .. for Radheshyam ..

radhe shyam

Radhe Shyam: Prabhas is the hero of the movie Radheshyam. Directed by Radhakrishna Kumar, the highly anticipated film has huge expectations. The film, which will be released in all the languages ​​of the country, has already received good talk. The film unit had originally planned to release the film but due to Corona the film was suddenly postponed at the last minute. However, the film unit, which felt that justice would be done if the film was released in theaters as a rare visual epic, took steps in that direction. As part of this, the film is set to release worldwide on March 11. All obstacles to Radheshyam’s arrival were removed as the corona fear was also removed.

Radheshyam’s film, set in Italy in the 1970s, is set in a fantastic setting, set in stunning locations across Europe. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The same Bollywood megastar Big B Amitabh Bachchan providing voice over to Radhe Shyam. That is, the whole story of the movie is being told by Amitabh

Announcing this on Twitter, director Radha Krishna wrote, “Thanks to Bachchan for giving voice over to the Hindi version.” Meanwhile, if Amitabh is giving voice over in Hindi, there is a debate in Telugu as to who will take over the responsibility. We need to see if the makers can give any clarity on this matter.

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