pushpa team releases allu arjun make over video to become the ferocious pushpa raj

‘Pushpa’ is a movie directed by creative director Sukumar with icon star Allu Arjun as the hero. While Rashmi Mandana played the heroine, Samantha made a splash with the special song. Anasuya, Sunil and Fahadh Pazil played key roles. Released worldwide on December 17 last year, the Pan-India film created a tsunami of collections. Bunny acting, Sukumar taking, Sam special song, dialogues, the audience was amazed. Within a month of its theatrical release, OTT has been raining down revenue. Puspa, who has emerged as India’s Biggest Grocer of 2021, is continuing her momentum this year as well. The film, which recently completed 50 days, grossed around Rs. The producers of the film have announced that it has collected over Rs 365 crore. In this movie, Bunny played the role of Errachandanam smuggler ‘Pushparaj’. For the first time, Bunny’s performance in the character of a village mass lorry driver was cut short. Praise also came from celebrities.


pushpa team releases allu arjun make over video to become the ferocious pushpa raj

However, the iconic star has said on many occasions that he was overwhelmed to appear in a rough look as Pushparaj. In this context, the film crew has released a video related to the bunny makeover in the movie. ‘So far I have seen the fire in the flower. See how Allu Arjun has transformed to look like a ‘flower’ and this video released has impressed the bunny fans. Everyone is amazed at the way Allu Arjun has done a makeover for the role of Pushpa Raj. It took about 2 hours to put on make-up to look ‘mass’. For this, go to the set at 4.30 in the morning. Sit patiently for 5 to 7 hours for makeup. The iconic star said at the film’s promotion that he would have to take another 40 minutes to remove his make-up after the shooting was over. Bunny is currently preparing for the shooting of the Pushpa sequel ‘Pushpa..The Rule’.

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