pushpa movie unit release all dialogues in one video pushpa the rise telugu dialogue jukebox


Pushpa: Pushpa .. There is nothing special to say about the sensation created by this film across the country. The film, directed by Sukumar and starring Allu Arjun as the hero, was a resounding success across the country. The release was a huge success everywhere and created a tsunami of collections. In fact, Puspa Cinema is a movie that is not just about a region with a storyline, but a film that proves that there should be content in the story but not language and region. After Bahubali, there is no doubt that Pushpane is the most talked about film in the country. Nearly three months after the release of the flower, the floral craze has not abated. The songs of this movie are still circulating on social media.

Special mention should also be made of the dialogues in the flower. The audience was enthralled by the dialogues uttered by Allu Arjun in Rayalaseema slang. The dialogues were well received not only in Telugu but in all languages. With this, the film unit recently gave a surprise gift to the fans. All the dialogues in the movie have been put together and a video has been released. The video, which was released under the title Dialogue Jukebox, is currently going viral. Allu Arjun’s dialogues are put together from the beginning to the end of the film. Listen to more Pushparaj Powerful Dialogues.

Meanwhile, it is known that a sequel to the movie Pushpa is coming out. After Red Sandalwood became the leader of the illegal empire, Pushpa Raj will show the fight with the police officer Shekawat in The Rule. Currently shooting for the sequel to the film is in full swing. The film unit is preparing to bring the film to the audience as soon as possible.

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