pushpa 2 movie new release date fix allu arjun new plan with the same sentiment


pushpa 2 movie new release date fix allu arjun new plan with the same sentiment

Many are waiting to see if icon star Allu Arjun will make any announcement after returning from his 16-day holiday trip. However he is moving forward with a lot of patience without being bothered. It is a known fact that movies like Koratala Shiva – Boyapati Sreenu have been lined up in a row now. With the success of the pushpa it is understood that Bunny has changed a lot of plans. It seems that the release date of Pushpa 2 has also been fixed as a finale.

Bunny actually wanted to come up with another movie before going to the pushpa2 sets. But it must be said that Puspa’s tremendous success at the Bollywood box office has set him new goals. He is thinking of making more films later. Sukumar also seems to be taking more care in the case of Pushpa 2.

Allu Arjun – Venu Shriram is all set to make a film titled Icon. But Bunny has not yet officially announced his decision regarding the film. In view of the Pan India market, it seems that Bunny has a chance to box the film aside. Earlier Dil Raju had said that the icon would definitely be there but Bunny though has not given any clarity on the project yet.


The bunny list also includes projects by star directors like Koratala Siva as well as Boyapati Sreenu. Bunny has always wanted to do a movie with Boyapati too. The fights bunny movie was postponed due to the pushpa2delay as well as the project being set up with NTR. Koratala once said that there will definitely be a Big Movie with Bunny in the future.

Allu Arjun is planning to get another amazing blockbuster with the Pushpa movie sequel. Already the shooting of that movie is almost finished. Only a few shots left. Talk is coming that there is a possibility of making changes in some scenes in those movies. Information that there is a chance to add another powerful villain character as well.

It seems that a decision has been made regarding the release date of the movie Pushpa.pushpa: The Rise 2021 is set to release on December 17th. The second installment, Pushpa: The Rule, is slated for a similar release on December 17 this year. It seems that the film is planning to release with the same sentiment.

That means Bunny and Sukumar also want to finish post-production on the shoot a few months before the film’s release. There is already exactly 9 months time. So they want to complete the project with a definite plan without any delay. It seems to be trying to think heavily in terms of promotion as well.

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