Prabhas: Prabhas gave a shocking answer to the question asked by the reporter


Prabhas: Cool and calm Prabhas recently gave a punch. At a recent Radheshyam pre-release event, a question asked by a reporter was casually turned down. Without saying that your question is wrong .. without saying directly that you have refrained from thinking like that .. once again .. without anyone asking such a question .. with exemplified .. everything has been sacrificed. Your doubt is what the question is .. The real thing is .. Prabhas who will be rushing with Pan India film Radheshyam in a few more days .. has recently planned a pre-release event in Chennai. Through this event, the makers plan to spread Radheshyam Magic across India wide once again and create new records in the opening collection. It was in this context that our darling set up a media gathering and tried to answer the questions they asked in a cool and comfy manner.

Many are moving from South Indian film to North Indian films. And what is your feeling? A reporter asked Darling when it was his turn. Darling Prabhas gave an overwhelming answer to that question. “Movies in China are called Chinese films. English movies are called Hollywood films. But why are films in India divided into South Indian films and North Indian films, ”said Kay Counter, the reporter. With this answer, our Pan India star Prabhas is going viral with a meme called Pro .. Boss.

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