Prabhas, Pooja Astrology Pic : Do You Know “Why?” Now The Purpose

Pan Indy star Prabhas co-starred with heroine Pooja Hegde in the film ‘Radhe Shyam’. Songs, teasers and posters for the film have already been released and have received a good response. The makers are outraged that there is still a gap for the release date .. They have been delighting the fans with a series of updates from the last four to five days. While the video promo for the next songs has been released .. the trailer has been released today. Already the trailer is bursting with one million views.

The trailer release event was held at PVR in Mumbai as part of the ‘Radheshyam’ movie promotion. Pooja Hegde, Prabhas made a fuss at the event on this occasion. Currently, Mumbai event picks are going viral. Among them, pics of Prabhas and Pooja Hegde looking at astrology are going viral. However these photos landed as part of the event. However, while showing astrology, Prabhas showed his hand to the Brahmin. Said his name, star, date of birth. He struggled to show his hand at first. But later showed. He then looked at the astrologer’s hand and said, “You are very well.” Afterwards Pooja Hegde showed his hand and showed astrology. He also said that the future ahead of him is very good.

Radheshyam is one of the biggest movies in India. Formed as a periodical love story, the film is set to release on March 11. With this the promotion‌ programs started the unit‌. As part of that, the event was held in Mumbai on Wednesday. While another trailer has been released for the movie as Curtain Riser, it is all the more impressive. Further raises expectations on the film. It is understood that the film is mainly based on handwriting and the role of the palmist played by Prabhas is predominant. Prabhas is looking at the hand and showing the dots telling their horoscopes. But what he says about love is not true worship. And I became curious what had happened. Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, director Radhakrishnakumar, producers Vamsi, Vakki and Bhushan Kumar participated in the trailer event in Mumbai and interacted with the media.

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