Prabhas: Luckily this beauty Chance to act with Prabhas in less time ..


Luckily this beauty Chance to act with Prabhas in less time

Prabhas: Talent is as important as luck to excel in movies. Some reach the top within a few days of starting a career. Most importantly, the heroines join the list of star heroines by winning big offers in a row. Recently, it seems that a young heroine has got such a bumper. Who is that heroine so far .. Srilila who was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie ‘Pelli SandaD’. One is queuing up for a series of offers for a sale starring in a single movie. It is known that Srilila has already got a chance to act with Ravi Teja. Anyway .. news is coming that Maheshbabu will be acting as Balakrishna’s daughter along with Trivrikam movie. However, it seems that the seller has hit a huge lucky chance recently.

It seems that Pan India star Prabhas has got the chance to play the role of Srilila in the upcoming movie. It has been reported in the past that a movie will be released under the direction of Prabhas and Maruti. The film will be titled Raja Deluxe. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Prabhas will be paired with three heroines in the upcoming horror film, which will have Srili as one of the heroines.

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