Poonam Kaur :poonam kaur says about pawan kalyan…they did

Poonam Kaur -pawankalyan

Poonam Kaur About Pawan Kalyan: There is nothing special to be introduced about the heroine Poonam Kaur. Popular with controversies rather than movies, this beauty shakes up social media with her tweets.

Poonam’s latest movie ‘Nathicharami’ will be released soon. Poonam, who is giving a series of interviews in this series, has recently made some interesting comments about Pawan Kalyan.

‘I was deliberately prevented from acting with Pawan. Even if I say something positive about him, I understand it in a negative way .. , I am ashamed .. God, ‘she said, laughing at Pawan.

Recently, Poonam was quoted as saying that some people tried to ruin her career and that she suffered a lot mentally.

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