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Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Title: Pakka Commercial 
Starring: Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Rao Ramesh, Sathyaraj, etc.
Production Companies: GA2Pictures, UVCreations
Producer: Bunny Vasu
Written, Directed: Maruthi
Music: Jakes Bijoy
Cinematography: Karam Chawla
Editor: NP Udbhav
Release Date: July 1 , 2022

The movie ‘Pakka Commercial’ directed by the unique director Maruthi who is on the rise with successes.hero Gopichand and beautiful beauty Rashee Khanna have acted in this movie, produced by Bunny Vasu. Since the announcement of the title, the interest of movie lovers has increased in this movie. With the positive response to the recently released teaser, trailer and songs, along with the grand promotions of the movie, the expectations for this movie have increased. How is this film that came to the audience this Friday (July 1) in a pure commercial format? Let’s see whether it is a commercial hit or not in the review. 

Surya Narayana (Satya Raj) is a sincere judge. Saddened that he could not do justice to the young woman who was cheated by the businessman Vivek (Rao Ramesh), he resigns from the legal profession and runs a grocery store to make a living. His son Lucky (Gopichand) also becomes a lawyer. But instead of being honest like his father, he sells justice in the market. He earns money by acting strictly commercially without looking at wrongdoing.

Arguing on behalf of Vivek in a case, he gets close to him. But Surya Narayana will again go to court for the young man who was hurt by Vivek and his wife. On behalf of Vivek, son Lucky enters the field. Who won this legal battle? Why does Lucky argue on Vivek’s behalf that he is not his own father? Why has Lucky become so commercial? Is Vivek finally punished as Suryanarayana wanted? What role did serial heroine ‘Lawyer Jhansi’ play in the legal battle between father and son? That is the rest of the story. 

Maruti movies are carafe of entertainment. He laughs heartily with comedy and on the other hand takes forward a strong story. aside the story in the commercial and grabbed it with comedy. He focused more on heroism. He made sure that the title has solid commercial elements. The movie starts with an emotional scene. With Gopichand’s entry as Lawyer Lucky, the film will be a pure commercial as the title suggests. Comedy doubles with the entry of serial actress ‘Lawyer Jhansi’. Maruti once again shows his mark in her characterizations.

The scene where ‘Lawyer Jhansi’ approaches the court claiming that his character was killed in the serial is laughable. The first half goes smoothly with routine comedy scenes. And the real story starts from the second half. Lucky, who is close to Vivek, shows how he finally jailed him. In the second half, Maruti laughed with a very fresh comedy. A satire on the fight scenes in movies, the scenes between Rao Ramesh and Ajay Ghosh will bring laughter. The climax is left to the imagination of the audience. Keeping the story and logic aside.. ‘Pakka Commercial’ makes you laugh. 

it? Gopichand played the role of Lucky, a commercial lawyer who turns injustice into justice for money. He looked very stylish on screen. And after a long gap, he made us laugh with his own comedy. He also acted brilliantly in the fight scenes. Raashi Khanna played a serial heroine ‘Lawyer Jhansi’. Looked very beautiful on screen. Her dialogues in serial language are laughable.

And Sathyaraj played the role of hero’s father Suryanarayana. He is not new to doing such roles. Just like Maruti’s previous films, Rao Ramesh’s character has been given a lot of importance in this one as well. He impressed with his performance as the villain Vivek. Saptagiri, Viva Harsha, Praveen, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar and others acted within the scope of their roles. As far as technology is concerned.. Jakes Bijoy’s music is good. Along with the title song of ‘Pakka Commercial’, the song ‘Andala Rashi..’ is also impressive. The background music is also fresh. Karam Chawla’s cinematography is okay. The production values ​​are very high as befits the level of the film. 

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