# NBK107-Balakrishna: Young star heroine who said no to Balayya movie

Nandamuri balakrishna is series projects in line after Balakrishna Akhanda movie. Soon after Akhanda, Gopinchand Malineni started the movie. After this, more projects are in the discussion stage with a movie with Anil Ravipudi. NBK 107 (# NBK107) is currently celebrating its fast-paced movie shooting under the direction of Malineni. It is known that Shruti Haasan is playing the heroine in this movie which is being produced by Maitri Movie Makers.

kirthy shetty

Taman is composing the music for the film. Meanwhile, an interesting news related to this movie is circulating. News is coming that Balayya is once again playing a double role in this movie. Balayya will play two roles as father and son. One of the heroines is Shruti Haasan as Gopinchand Milineni who is on the hunt for the second heroine. With this, ‘Uppena’ beauty approached Kriti Shetty for the role. News is heard that she said no to it. Currently the work is in full swing with a series of films.


Shyam Singarai, who was released after the surge, took another big hit with her films Bangarraju. In addition to this, as she is acting in more projects, the dates have not been adjusted and she has said no to the childhood film, according to sources close to her. Netizens are also of the opinion that the movie has turned down the offer, fearing that acting as the second heroine will hurt her career. And we have to wait until Bebamma gives clarity to know if this is true.

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