megastar chiranjeevi venky kudumula movie latest update

Chiranjeevi: Back to the basics is what heroism is all about in Tollywood. Faction stories and mafia entertainers who once lived well in Telugu cinema are about to appear on the screen again. Looking at the genres that our senior and junior heroes are doing okay as the latest .. our audience is going into a vintage feel. Lights‌ Camera is not action .. Lights Camera Faction Analsina season is coming again. A light-hearted faction genre in the Eighties and Nineties. Pukka Faction Story is the background for the movie that Boyapati is going to do with Ram after Akhanda.

Narasimhanayadu .. Balayya who kept his career at peaks with solid faction movies like Samarasinghareddy .. is still casting his vote for factionalism again. The first look of the children’s film directed by Gopichand Malineni has arrived on the Maitree banner. The makers have decided on some of the movie stuff with the title. Venky Dumplings, who recently joined the mega lineup, also picked up almost such gray content. Chiru will be portrayed as a powerful mafia don. He will also be designing a comedy track in parallel. The director is planning to make the movie Hilarious Entertainer as a whole. So .. Megastar fans say they can expect gang leader Mark Masala Entertainer from Megastar ..

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