Malavika Mohanan: The heroine who told about her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day .. Netizens who are trolling ..

malavika mohanan

The heroine who told about her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Malavika Mohanan has created a special image for herself in the Kollywood industry with her movie Peta starring superstar Rajini Kant. a series of offers after this movie. On the other hand, while making movies, he is fully active on social media. Busy with a series of films in the Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada industries, the Maliwood muddugumma keeps in touch with her followers by sharing the latest photos, movie updates and videos from time to time. It is learned that he recently shared a video on his Instagram account. In it, Malavika asked her boyfriend to tell her who she was .. She said that the video she posted should get ten lakh views .. Then she conditioned that she would tell who her boyfriend was.

Meanwhile .. the latest Malavika has shared another video on her Instagram. In it she showed that she had talked to her boyfriend .. as if she had told him Love You. With this, netizens showed tribal interest in finding out who he was. And yesterday on the occasion of Valentine’s Day .. she shared a video. It includes her Skoda Slavia car ad. What he wanted to say was that the seller had revealed the real thing as if it were a secret. However, netizens are outraged over the video she posted. Fans are commenting that it is not right to play with emotions .. We have waited with great interest. Overall this Maliwood is small which impresses its fans differently.

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