malavika mohanan says about her boy friend and she will reveale his name on this video have one millionlikes


Malavika Mohanan is currently one of the top heroines in the Tollywood industry. On the other hand, this beauty is busy with a series of projects .. On the other hand, she is full active on social media. Stay in touch with fans by sharing his latest photos, videos, movie updates from time to time. But most of the answers to the questions that are usually asked by their fans are skipped by Matte without the heroines saying so. Malvika Mohan also gave a funny answer to a netizen who gave an answer about her boyfriend.

Recently Malvika Mohanan shared a video on her Instagram account. It has been answering some questions. When asked how the trip to the Maldives happened .. Superb gave the answer. She also said that she was given a gift by a company in Bombay. The boys’ shaving kit was given to him as a gift .. Is it a brand used by boys .. Do you have a boyfriend? Asked .. she said yes. With this, I asked her boyfriend to tell me who she is .. If the video posted now gets one million or ten lakh views .. the oath is conditional on who my boyfriend is. If you want to know who is Malvika Mohanan’s boyfriend, the video has to get ten lakh views.


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