Kushbu Sundar: Star heroine who raised her voice against domestic violence .. Stand with Meera caption..

Tollywood senior heroine Khushbu (Kushbu Sundar) .. is now entertaining on the silver screen once again. Khushboo, who played the role of Rashmi’s mother in the recently released film Johars, received a super hit. A series of offers are coming to her after this movie. Fresh Khushboo is all set to make a splash on television once again. The Meera serial starring Khushboo in the lead role will be aired soon. Khushboo is not only a mayor in this serial but also works as a screenwriter. The serial will air from March 28. It will tell the bitter and sweet relationship between the spouses. Also .. the two of them break up for some reason .. after that there will be a serial with how the two of them will meet.

In the recently released promo, Khushboo played the role of Krishna and Suresh Menon’s wife Meera. It shows things like having a wife before having children .. Recently, however, the Colors Tamil channel launched a missed call campaign on the issue. Can you justify a husband beating his wife? Or not? Toll free number shared. Is it justifiable for a husband to lay a hand on his wife? Standup with Meera is a publicity stunt about the serial. Khushboo fights against domestic violence against women. Organizers said that Meera Sirius’ aim is to educate the audience on how women from all walks of life, well-educated people, towns and villages can deal with domestic violence.

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