Krishnam Raju:Radhey Shyam senior actor krishnam raju udergone a surgery news viral

Most Awaited Movie Radhey Shyam. The movie starring Prabhas and Pooja Hegde is highly anticipated. The already released trailer has created more hype on the movie. Produced by UV Creations with a huge budget, the film is slated for a grand release on March 11 at Pan India level.

Prabhas and Krishnam Raju
Prabhas and Krishnam Raju

The movie unit has already accelerated movie promotions in this order. As part of this .. Prabhas .. Pooja Hagde .. Director Radhakrishna Kumar .. Finally Prabhas grandmother Shyamala Devi is also participating in a series of interviews.

However, senior rebel star Krishnam Raju is nowhere to be seen in Radheshyam promotions. In this order .. News is circulating that Prabhas’ elder brother Krishnam Raju was in danger. Recently, he slipped and fell in the house Also .. as part of the surgery .. when he had to have his toe removed. Fans are likely to be confused if they know about the Rebeal Star accident. At present it seems that Krishnam raju is in good health.

In a recent interview, Krishnaraja’s wife Shyamala Devi responded about his health. Krishna said that the king had indeed slipped a foot in the house. But the surgery did not reveal the matter. Radheshyam did not participate in the promotions due to the operation .. Krishnam Raju media is likely to come forward after the release of the film.

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