KGF Chapter 2: Good news for KGF fans .. Movie trailer is finally coming!

KGF Chapter 2: The KGF movie directed by Prashanth Neel, starring Yash as the hero, is a huge success. The film was a huge success and was released all over the country. Set against the backdrop of Gold Mining, the film impressed the audience immensely. This led to huge expectations on KGF Chapter 2. Fans are waiting with a thousand eyes for the KGF sequel. They are eager to see the movie in theaters from time to time. Meanwhile the film has already been delayed due to the corona while it was supposed to come out to the audience. The film unit is set to release KGF2 on April 14, with the latest Corona effect declining.

Meanwhile the movie unit has not given any other update so far except for a small glimpses regarding the KGF sequel. Fans are in deep frustration with this. However, the film unit has recently announced that it is putting a full stop to the expectations of the fans. What update do you want from KGF as a Twitter platform? Set up a poll called. About 70 percent voted for the trailer.

The film unit responded with another tweet. In this tweet .. ‘We are very happy to see the support shown by the KJF Army. An exciting update is coming soon. Wait for that update. ‘ Looking at this, it is clear that 70 per cent of the trailers will be released as per their wishes. We have to see when the KGF2 trailer will be released.

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