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Keerthi Suresh: sarkaru varipata first song is currently trending at the top. But .. there is something missing in the clarity of the art that Maheshbabu is getting mad at. kalavathiis making movies without taking anything away from the other top heroines but something still seems to be missing

Kirti Suresh is not able to taste centipede success unless he seems to be busy. Kirti Second Time Dussehra movie with Nanny has been officially launched recently. Like .. Kirti Suresh is showing versatility in his career while including superstars as well as natural stars in his lineup. Sacrificing a Bollywood entry is what the South believes in. But, the sound of good luckis still missing.

Made three female oriented films in a row with the change of style after Mahanadi. Penguin, Miss India, Good Lock Sakhi Of these, Penguin and Miss India films are dedicated to OTTs while Goodluck Sakhi is the only one looking at the big screens. But .. fame did not get as much credit as expected. Finally, the movie Taliva is also a disappointing father.

Luck did not come along with this sale even though he played the sister of superstar Rajinikanth. Even the ever-complete Tamil movie Sanikaitam is limited to digital screens. Megastar is limited to his sister role in the movie Bholashankar. Therefore .. Superstar fans are begging that when the government song comes, it is the only art that can show a single hit.

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