Keerthy Suresh : This is the first time I’m doing a peppy dance video like this Keerthy Suresh


This is the first time I’m doing a peppy dance video like this Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy Suresh is one of the top heroines in the Tollywood industry right now. Currently superstar Mahesh Babu .. Director Parashuram combo is starring in the upcoming Sarkar vari pata movie. Already released posters and videos from the movie have created more hype on the movie. The recently released kalavathi song going viral on the internet. Meanwhile .. Kirti Suresh has recently acted in Papu Song for the first time. Kirti Suresh has released his first pop song album titled Gandhari. The song was composed by Sony Music Entertainment, The Root Association. Gandhari released a musical video on Monday.

Within hours of its release, the song had gained millions of views on YouTube. In this, Kirti Suresh’s amazing dance moments attracted the audience. Kirti Suresh’s performance in this .. The design and dance impressed the entire audience. The song which says ‘Gandhari .. Gandhari .. Written by Suddala Ashok Teja, the song is beautifully sung by Singer Ananya Bhatt.

Acting in a musical video like “Gandhari” was the first time I felt like an experiment. thanks to Sony Music. Vapin received another hit with Gandhari after Saranga Daria. The Suddhalas wrote the song wonderfully. With the team, I worked when I was a child artist. I also worked on her choreography. Also working in her direction gave me a new feeling. We shot this song in two days. The technical team that was part of this album worked very hard. “Thanks to everyone,” said Kirti Suresh.

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