Keerthy Suresh: Buttabomma Puja Habibo song mahanati fida .. Keerthisuresh dance video viral


Keerthy Suresh: Art does not work with language .. It is enough to have a feeling that touches the mind .. It is the same with music .. It is pleasing to the ears .. Stay .. That song is not enough to make the mind react .. Kacha Badam Song, Songs from Pushpa Movie Many songs like that have proven. Recently, Kollywood songs have also been added to this list of crazy songs. Along with the movie celebrities, the common people also fell in love with the song “Halimiti Habibo”. Hull is doing the rounds on social media with reels. Latest Kerala Kutty .. Mahanati Kirti Suresh has also stepped in the O Range for the Halamithi Habibo song. This video is currently being circulated on Netflix.

Kollywood star hero Vijay and Pooja Hegde will play the lead roles in the upcoming movie ‘Beast’ directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. Anirudh Ravichandran is providing the music for the film. The limit of this movie is for Habibo song .. Music lovers Fida. Full Josh is filling in on Dancing Lovers. Reels for this song .. Those videos are being shared on social media. Now another heroine steps into the song. Keerthisuresh … The Route hits the hit track with Talent Manager Akshit Subramaniam. Kerala Kutty in Punjabi Dress .. Netizens are showering praises on the dance done with Akshit.

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