Keerthi Suresh: Mahesh Babu Last But Not Least .. Keerthi Suresh Emotional Post

Keerthi Suresh has teamed up this year. Superstar Mahesh Babu .. in Director Parashuram combination Sarkar vari pata is a blockbuster hit. This was a hit on the fame account. The film, whose government released their song on May 12, created a tsunami of collections at the box office.

 The film received an good response in the Telugu states. The looks of Mahesh and Kirti Suresh impressed the audience. And we all know about Tollywood beauty Kirti Suresh. Keerthi Suresh, who entered the film industry with the film Nenu Sailaja, has since acted in several Telugu films and made a name for herself as a heroine.

Kirti became very emotional in this joy and wrote a long post on social media. Along with the movie Sani Kaidam starring Kirti Suresh, Sarkar’s vari pata films received big hits. With this, Kirti thanked the team that made her two films as a social media platform.

 ‘This is my word to all dear ones. Being an actress is like a malicious ups and downs. We see ups and downs. But this journey often determines our destination. The recent past has been like exam time for me. This is a step. The emotional note was that I understood that I needed to constantly strive to present my best performance to the world. ‘

However, Kirti thanked everyone in this post … Special thanks to Mahesh Babu. Last but not least .. Mahesh Babu’s name is mentioned. Mahesh says that it is really good to work with Babu .. she wrote in her post. Netizens are also commenting on the post written by Kirti Suresh. Praised for being so well written.

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