Kangana Ranaut satires on Alia Bhatt movie collections.

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Alia Bhatt, who is emerging as one of the top heroines in Bollywood, is known for her fan following on Kangana Ranaut. Huge budget, lady oriented movies in a row. However, it is known that both the actress are running the Cold War. That is why they are always criticizing each other.

Recently, Alia Bhatt criticized Kangana Ranaut ahead of the release of her latest film ‘Gangubhai Katiyawadi’. Kangana commented that almost 200 crores would be cheese poured in ashes .. Alia responded that I do not care about such things. However, the producers say that Alia has joined the 100 crore club after the release of the film. At this moment a magazine .. ‘The movie that the fans were eagerly and eagerly awaiting has finally been released. News is coming that this movie is a good success. However, according to reliable sources, the real collections are being doubled.

Kangana Ranaut alia
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Kangana shared the post on social media. To that .. ‘We know that adding water to milk makes it thinner. But here the water is diluted with milk. The caption sarcastically reads, “Do the helpless need that support?” It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It remains to be seen how Alia will react to this criticism.

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