kangana ranaut dhaakad movie will release in four language

Kangana Ranaut Dhaakad Movie Release In Four Languages: Not to mention the Bollywood firebrand, daring heroine Kangana Ranaut. She became the Queen of Controversy by making comments on social media. Surprises everyone by speaking out without any fear about any subject. Full is busy not only talking on social issues but also with movies. Movies starring Kangana are mostly popular. Kangana Ranaut films have been translated into southern languages ​​for some time now. The latest movie starring Kangana is ‘Dhakad’.

The film will be dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Kangana Agent will play the role of Agni in this action thriller movie which is set against the backdrop of human trafficking. The film was originally slated to release on October 1 last year. But the shooting was delayed due to the corona. The film is currently being released worldwide on May 27 in four languages. Kangana Ranaut shared a photo of the film on social media. In this photo Kangana is still in intensive look as if ready to fire on enemies. Divya Dutta is said to be playing a pivotal role in the film while Arjun Rampal is playing the negative role.

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