Kacha Badam Singer: Social Media Sensational Kacha Badam Singer Accident .. joined in hospital

Kacha Badam Singer Bhuban Badyakar: Wherever you look on Nettinta .. Kacha Badam Song Tribe is making a fuss. Many netizens are stepping into the raw almond song .. giving carnations. However .. night after night with this raw almond song .. Bhuban Badakar, a small trader who sells pens sensational on social media, was injured in a road accident. The road accident took place on Monday in Birbhum in West Bengal. After the viral song ‘Kachcha Badam’ went viral, Bhuban Badyakar announced that he was giving up the church business. However .. this road accident happened while learning the second hand car he bought in this order. Badyakar sustained minor injuries to his chest in the incident. He is currently being treated at the Suri Super Specialty Hospital in West Bengal. Doctors said there was no danger.

The raw almond song has recently gone viral. With this, Bhuban Badkar became a star. Many people use it to dance reel. It went viral when someone recorded Bhubaneswar singing this particular song while selling peanuts on the street. With this he became a famous person. However .. they are also doing remakes of this song as they like. Bhubaneswar also gets offers from music companies and TV shows.

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