junior ntr says something intresting about ram charn birthday

The most awaited movie is RRR. Audiences across the country are eagerly awaiting for this movie directed by Rajamouli .. Mega power star Ram Charan .. The expectations on this movie starring Young Tiger NTR are huge.

Jakkanna will portray two warriors who have never met in history as friends on the silver screen. In this, Ram Charan will be seen as Alluri Sitaramaraj in the role of NTR Komuram Bheem. Already released RRR trailer .. Songs have shaken up social media .. The movie is coming out to the audience on March 25th. Movie promotions were started by Jakkanna and team .

As part of this, director Anil Ravipudi Jakkanna recently gave a special interview to Ram Charan and NTR. In it Cherry .. Tarak shared many interesting things… Tarak said .. We both are good friends .. Different poles are said to attract .. Also we got together .. March 26 is my wife Lakshmi Pranati’s birthday.

Charan’s birthday on the 27th. Our two houses are in the same place .. but what most people do not know is .. it was 12 midnight on the 26th .. Charan would get in the car and leave. Pranati phoned and said my birthday is past twelve which means you are not there. Tarak tells the person who says your birthday is over how to celebrate Charan’s birthday ..

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