jr ntr remuneration sacrifice to brother kalyan ram


Junior NTR is preparing to start a new project. RRR wanted to start another film soon after the film’s release. But when the movie was postponed due to Corona, Tarak suddenly became silent. It is learned that NTR has recently taken a decision regarding its 30th film. It seems that Tarak is using a formula for the first time, especially when it comes to remuneration.

It is learned that the first film starring Junior NTR-Ram Charan has shifted to Summer. The movie that was supposed to come in front of the audience for Sankranthi was postponed due to Corona. After months of desperate promotions, the members of the film unit became silent once the film was postponed. NTR was also upset at once when the RRR was postponed.

Junior NTR, who has been very silent for a few days now, wants to make a key decision on future projects. It seems that the plan is also set to start a project related to the recent Koratala Shiva. It is known that Kalyan Ram will build the project.

NTR wants to launch its 30th film soon. Director Koratala Siva also completed the entire script works on time. I plan to officially launch the movie on February 7th. Originally the film was supposed to start after the release of the movie Triple R. But now he has decided to start the project as the film is not likely to be released.

Alia Bhatt is likely to play the heroine in the film, which is currently going viral on social media on various topics related to the NTR 30th movie. Also a talk on social media like Anirudh Fix as Music Director goes viral though. Whether Koratala Shiva, who had already taken Manisharma for Acharya and not Devisree Prasad for megastar Chiranjeevi, will now take Anirudh as per the desire of the fans has become a topic of discussion.

The industry is also interested in how much NTR is getting paid for its 30th film. With his own brother Kalyan Ram producing the film, NTR is yet to take the award. According to the current market, however, 40 crore would have to be taken. But it seems that NTR has set a deal for his brother to take a share in the profits after the film’s success.

NTR has already done a film called Jai Lavakusha with Kalyan Ram. But the film did not live up to expectations. So after that NTR wanted to do another good movie with Anna anyway. Initially he wanted to do an NTR film in Harika Hasini combination under the direction of Trivikram. But then again Koratala Shiva who thought about the Pan India project was brought into the project line. It seems likely that the film will be released early next year.

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